Thursday, September 15, 2011

My little fox.

I took on the challenge of being a pattern tester recently. There will be a blog post more dedicated to this soon I just wanted to come and tell a little about our day before I whirlwind clean.

I made Leena a fox costume.
She is in love.
Today she has run around on her hands and feet like a fox.
Chased her tail, literally.
Rubbed herself all over the couch like our dog does when she gets excited.
And wagged her tail, literally.
She really gets into character.
What can I say?
Besides her fox antics she played little midwife and squeezed my belly just like Rebecca does at our appointments.
Also, she had jazz and hip hop class. I didn't get to watch this one but I have a feeling it was still super cute.
Next week is bring a friend week for her dance class and she chose to bring Kyllian.
This will be adorable.
Oh also, she said she wanted to be a ghost because I was looking at patterns online and one that popped up was a ghost.
I told her to throw a sheet over her head.
She did.
Then accompanied it with the "woooo"-ing sound that the stereotypical ghost makes.
And, I have no idea where she learned that.

Oh yes, and the giveaway is coming, I promise!
I am planning on posting it on Saturday if all goes well.

Hope you all are having a great week!

Peace and Love

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Pamplemousse1983 said...

That costume is ridiculously adorable.