Friday, September 30, 2011

Fall Fashion Week-Day 7

Okay okay, so I lied with getting pictures done with my camera but it was because I was so busy today.
Good busy.
Today was a good day.
I'm sad that fashion week is ending but boy is it exhausting while pregnant!
You all are so lovely and your comments have certainly helped this momma feel so pretty this week.
Dress: ModCloth
I took advantage of the last hurrah sale.
(and BOY does it have a lot of extra fabric. I could sneak Leena AND Joey into the movies under my dress...if Joey wasn't almost a foot taller than me.)
Undershirt: Probably Target. I've had it forever.
Necklace: Violet Bella

Thank you all for visiting and commenting. It's meant a lot. I am going to go through the last three days and check out all you lovely ladies!

Peace and Love.


E said...

I love the colors of that dress, and your braids. Super cute!

Lea said...

Really fun dress!!! Extra fabric is always super nice! Get some rest girly!