Monday, August 15, 2011

Week 24

So I am now 24 weeks. Time is going too fast. I have so much to do in the next 16-18 weeks!
Baby Junebug is doing well. Kicking up a storm. We have our first childbirth class tomorrow and fingers crossed that they don't decide to send Joey offshore RIGHT before it. ;)
Then I have my prenatal appointment on Wednesday. Can't wait to hear his or her heartbeat again. It always is so beautiful to hear.
Leena this morning whispered to me, "Momma is the baby a boy or a girl?" I told her I didn't know and we'll just have to see. It's so cute. She was able to feel the baby kick her hand yesterday and she didn't quite know how to feel about that. She said, "Momma, why did the baby kick me?!" :D
Leena is getting so big. I can't believe it. Where'd my little baby go? Gosh.
She amazes me every day with the things she does and the things she says.
And another miscommunication she had yesterday:
Daddy:"Our house is creaky."
Leena:"Why is our house creepy?"

I started working on the baby's Moses basket blanket and got totally frustrated so now I have three of the five strips done. My machine kept getting caught up in the fabric since it's the softest fabric in the world and pretty thin. I gave my machine a good shake down once the crazy hormones kicked in and it worked better for a whole minute then decided to drive me nuts again. BUT I did make a new shirt for Leena. It's a snug fit over her head though from the straps so I will have to eventually fix that.

Here's my favorite week 24 pictures from my mini shoot last night:
(Click on the photos. That will make them big!)
Dress is from Suds in the Bucket.
We bartered and I got this amazing dress. SCORE!
You should really check out her shop. It's amazing and the girl that runs it is so terribly sweet.

Peace and Love!


Jamie said...

i LOVE these photos. so beautiful. i cant wait to have babies. xo

Kamika said...

You look so mysterious and beautiful in those Photos!

leah flener said...

thank you so much!! TRADES ARE THE BEST:)) i will post pictures when i get your photos displayed!!

Charlotte said...

So creative to do a firelight shot! Love the setting for this one!

And I also love how much yellow you wear, it's a gorgeous color.

Samantha Tara said...

Holy awesome photos! I love everything about them, but especially your beautiful belly (: Thanks for stopping by by blog too!
Happy pregnancy to you!
^__^ xo