Saturday, July 23, 2011


The other day Leena got one of the sweetest little packages in the mail from my good friend Laura.
When we were out visiting James and Laura in May, Leena loved the little basket of books that Laura had set out in the dining room. Filled with beautiful books from her own childhood. When Leena started ballet class, Laura thought it was perfect for her to have this book.
I am actually so blown away that she would send Leena a book from her own childhood. I know how hard it is to give away books from your childhood, when you aren't giving them to your own offspring.
I would like to publicly say thank you to Laura.
Gosh, I am still so blown away.

And Leena looooves it and LOVES that it was one of Laura's books.

Peace and Love.

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Violet Bella said...

you are so welcome. i knew leena would find it special, she loved it so much while she was here. and its only fitting now that she is a 'real' ballerina :) im so proud of her.