Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Mommy Moments

This is one of those, "kids say the darndest things" kinds of moments.
I was at Donna's house today, in the kitchen getting my lunch ready after feeding all the kids.
Leena came downstairs and sat in the little rocker in the room outside the kitchen watching me piddle around.
She then proceeds to start talking to me about my butt bleeding.
At first I had NO idea what she was talking about but just went along with it.
There were doctors apparently looking at my butt and such when I still didn't get why she was saying all this.
Then it dawned on me when she started talking about watching movies on Miss Donna's phone what in the world she was talking about.
She was replaying the night we went to the ER to get checked out when I was having first trimester bleeding all over again in her head. Apparently, this is news to me, I was bleeding out of my butt....
I think I need more fiber in my diet and less acidic foods.
Wink wink.
This is the joy you get when you take your daughter to your "girly" appointments.
You will constantly be fearing for this to be talked about in public.
But, honestly, I find people being totally uncomfortable hearing about my "bleeding butt" quite hilarious and charming. ;)
Here's a bit of her conversation about it. I didn't get all the good parts on videos but it's still cute anyways.

(Sorry it's sideways. It was off of my phone and for some reason I can't flip those videos the right way. Or at least I don't know how.)

And yes, I have no shame.

Peace and Love.

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Kelly said...

HILARIOUS!!!! Makes me look forward to the things Isabelle will say when I'm pregnant. You have yourself a little smarty pants. Write it all down. I forget sometimes that I should. I bust out laughing every day at Isabelle. Kids are so funny!! It is great to see a mom that enjoys every word that leaves her kids mouth.