Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Baby number two freak out

Okay, so I'm not really freaking out about having baby number two. I'm just freaking out today about all that needs to be done in the next 5 months. I know once baby comes we will all adjust well.
Yesterday Donna told me if I wanted to have her watch Leena so I could clean the house she was more than willing. I fully appreciate this offer and took her up on it. I dropped Leena off around 11 and headed back home. When I got home it took me a bit to get into the groove of cleaning. I had to run out and get more toilet paper because well, I'm pregnant and pee every five minutes it seems so I ran out! After I got back from the store I then had to eat. I felt the cleaning was never going to happen. Once the food was in me I got to work and actually surprised myself with how much I got done by the time I called it quits for the day. Around 5 when my body was telling me enough was enough I headed back to get Leena. I've really had to stop when my body tells me it's done. Any time I had unexplained freaky bleeding with Leena is when I would push myself too hard. Which is why I think I had my unexplained bleeding in the first trimester this time. Apparently I'm sensitive. ;)

While cleaning I realized that yes, I am only 16 weeks but that only leaves about 24 weeks or so to set up baby's room (even if baby won't be sleeping in it for some time), make my room into a sanctuary (with all the time I'll be spending in it awake after baby comes this is SUPER important for my mental well being), get my house organized and plan my blessingway with help from Donna. Among other things.

Trying to stay ahead of the game I went ahead and ordered my birth kit that the midwife recommends so I can get all my kits together for the big day. It's so crazy how much more preparation I have to do and am doing for this baby than when I had Leena in the hospital. It's a completely different ball game having a homebirth!

Also, I ordered some wool stuffing yesterday so I can make my own mattress for the moses basket. All the wool mattresses I found were super expensive plus the wrong size for my basket. So I'm DIY-ing it.

I am ahead of the game...at this moment. Let's hope it stays that way and that I don't lose what I have left of my mind in the process!

Peace and Love!

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