Sunday, May 29, 2011

Week 12

This post was supposed to go up yesterday when I was technically still 12 weeks. Today is the first day of the 13th week. So exciting!
Photos from our little 12 week shoot yesterday.
Dress: Target
Bangle: Hobby Lobby,
still figuring out what I want to paint on it.
Necklace: Violet Bella
Shoes: Modcloth
We've been super busy lately and not at the same time. We recently went to Bandera, TX again to visit our friends Laura and James and they actually got to meet Joey and see that he's not some dude I made up. The day we drove up we went to a ballet to watch Laura's best friend's kid, Isabel. She was so wonderful to watch. That little girl is amazing and her mommy is one of the sweetest people I have ever met. While on the trip we went to the Renegade Craft Fair in Austin. That was pretty cool and surprisingly I didn't buy anything for myself! We got Leena a little stuffed donut toy that she picked out and baby Junebug a onesie.
Our Trip in a few pictures:
Cherries on the ride out.
We stopped and saw dinosaurs in San Antonio.
We stopped at Krispy Kreme on the way back from the fair.
Junebug's onesie.Leena lounged by the river.Hanging out in the river.
Stopped for lunch on the way back home.
Air freshener to cover the barf smell that Leena bestowed upon us earlier in the car ride home.Panera for dinner. Gosh I miss Panera.

We had a BBQ the day after and it was so nice to see people that I met last year when I went out to Bandera again. We hung out at the river by the house for a bit then went back home to eat amazing food! Laura, James and their friend Jonny grilled burgers, boca burgers for us vegetarians (or semi pseudo vegetarian I am right now while pregnant), veggies and potatoes. The boca burger topped with grilled mushrooms, zucchini, mustard and spinach was AMAZING. I want another one. (Oh Joooeeeyyyyyy...I'm pretty sure he's sick of me craving things this time around already. With Leena I had ONE craving ONE time. For a banana nut muffin. Now it's a daily thing. The cravings, not the cravings for a banana nut muffin.)
On Friday I had a prenatal appointment....which was interesting to say the least. After explaining to Joey how I LOVED that my midwife never made me wait she was 20 minutes late. hah. With Leena I would end up waiting at the OB/gyn's office for an hour only to be seen for 10 minutes. With my midwife I get right in and then see HER for an hour to talk through everything. Which mind you, I totally didn't care she was late, it was just perfect timing after having that conversation with Joey in the car on the way there. After that we did all the normal prenatal stuffs, chatted about payment, talked about how I've been feeling, etc. BANG. We all sat there in shock because it sounded like her husband had fallen down the stairs......
Nope, he fell through the roof while cleaning the attic, into the kitchen, onto his back. Rebecca went to check on him and came back in. She was going to finish up our prenatal appointment then take him to the hospital to get checked out....which he did not want to do, hence why she finished the appointment. She figured if the adrenaline wore off he'd feel a bit of pain and be more apt to go to the hospital. hah Through the rest of the appointment she drew some blood. Then she was going to check the baby's heartbeat. Any time she put the doppler to listen Junebug would kick it. I started having a giggling fit the whole time, which believe me, doesn't help when trying to find a heartbeat. Then she found the heartbeat and got two beats and the baby moved again. She said the baby was trolling us but I heard, "Your baby is a troll." That made me laugh even more.
Finally we got the heartbeat and baby is doing great. Heartbeat was 160. She told me I better take advantage of Junebug being so responsive to stimuli and talk, sing, read, etc to him or her all the time. :)
Yesterday we went to go see our friends Jessica and Jonathon and Jessica's little boy Holland. Leena loves playing with him. We went out for brunch after the farmers market. Later that night I made Cauliflower risotto for dinner with cherry tomatoes on the side. It was sooooo good. After Leena went to bed I made nutella macarons. Which again were sooooo good! I want to eat a million....if I wouldn't get a stomach ache or it wasn't incredibly unhealthy to do so.

Today we went to a memorial day party that some friends of ours threw. It was so fun and so nice to see them again.
Joey's tattoo, hanging out at the party.
The awesome bus at the party. The kids were playing in it. :)

Other than that we've been taking Leena to play at the water park or letting her play in her kiddie pool in the yard. She's been having a blast.
Our little harvest from a few nights ago.

My new bike. I am in love...and she needs a name.
Leena being a little yogi.
She loves her little pool.
Eating an apple at the water park.

Oh and in case you are wondering, Rebecca's husband is doing well. Nothing hurt but the ceiling. :D

Peace and Love.


b_maria_why said...

lol you've been pretty adventurous lately!! i feel like i sat around on my butt until the middle of my second trimester. you look great! and i'm glad you have a great midwife to talk to. :)

Violet Bella said...

what a fun busy post! we had fun with you here in texas! i want another burger too!!! all i can think about is juno everytime i hear junebug, ha ha. xoxo.

Priscilla said...

your nails are so nice! and the pictures are extra funny!:))