Monday, May 16, 2011

If you give a Mouse a cookie.

Ever have one of those super embarrassing moments?
I just did.
On the phone with Donna.
All I have to say was thank God it was Donna on the phone and not some random person I needed to call today.

For the last couple days I've been hearing and finding little cues to having a mouse in the house.
Last night I kept one of my kitties inside all night, since they have been outside cats at night, for him to do his domestic house cat duty.
I was expecting to find the mouse either dead in the middle of the floor or not this morning.
I didn't see anything.
Lazy bum of a cat.

Well then I got a call from Donna so I sat on my recliner to just chat for a bit.
As I was sitting there I felt something touch my leg and I looked and just thought it was my shirt. I felt it again and thought it was one of the jewelry bags that Leena had gotten into and spread all over the chair the day before and maybe I just missed one when picking them up.
Yeah no, not at all.
It was the mouse trying to sneak by my leg.
My BARE leg.
I jumped up freaking out while still on the phone with Donna.
I had no idea where the mouse went.
The best part, turning around to see Leena sitting on the coffee table hiding from the mouse.

After that I got off the phone with Donna to head out to get some traps from Target but instead I felt the need to find out where this mouse even went. I turned the recliner over and out it ran to hide under the couch.
I kept moving the couch to get the mouse because he kept climbing up the back but then of course when he'd see me he'd jump down and hide under the couch. Bonzai luckily was inside this whole time and when I moved the couch I didn't see the mouse at all this time. I looked over and saw Bonzai crouching over something and he had caught the mouse. I opened the back door for him and he ran out with the mouse in his mouth and went into the yard to play with it.

At least he redeemed himself.

And at least I am perfectly okay with having a super girly freak out moment when the mouse was touching me.
Normally mice, even wild mice, don't freak me out.
But then again, when they touch your bare leg, I think the average person would freak out.

Peace and Love.


h0neyburn said...

all I can say is... LMAO!

Rachael Rose said...

AHAHAHAHA this was too funny! I would have done the exact same thing! props to the cat.