Thursday, March 31, 2011

Well hey howdy do

Today was a good day.

I wore my new dress I got last night on girls night with Donna...where we ended up at Target at one point...with birthday money from my grandma. Thanks Grandma!

I also finally treated myself to converse with that money as well. Kid converse too. They fit and were cheaper. Sounds like a plan to me!

My special necklace. More on that later.


Little Miss...and daddy...and mommy for that matter LOVE Ms. Donna's trampoline.

Waiting to "pop".


He was showing off and doing a handstand on the trampoline.

I love that belly.

Speaking of bellies.
I have something growing inside mine.
Okay okay, not my belly, but my uterus.
I am currently just over 4 weeks pregnant. Most women reading that probably just gasped that I am mentioning it this early but it's just so not in my personality to wait to tell everyone. A. I suck at holding things in that long and B. I just want to celebrate this little soul we've been blessed with.
I know some of you may ask how I am feeling already. Tired. Sick. Oh and peeing all the time already. It's totally bearable and I am a-okay feeling like this because of what it means my body is doing.
We went to the doctor that will back my homebirth midwife because in Louisiana I have to have an OB/GYN tell me I am "low risk" to legally have a homebirth with her. I find that kind of a smack in the face for my lovely midwife but if that is what I have to do, I will! He was very kind and made the whole situation not awkward at all. The best part was that he completely 100% backs homebirth and midwives. I didn't get looked at like I had a third eye. Oh and he likes my new converse. hah!
So, I am "low risk" and given the green light to homebirth!
I can't wait to share our journey with all of you.
This is this baby's "song".

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Peace and Love!


Charlotte said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! Honestly, I've been waiting for this! I'm so excited for your family, and can't wait to see how this journey progresses. :) Maybe a boy this time...?

Kina Williams said...

Congratulations dear friend!!...I'm so thrilled for you and Joey and Leena! Welcome "Mr.Junebug" have a lovely family!

Polly said...

woohoo!!! congratulations lady :D I'm so happy for you all xox

Kamika said...

YIPPY! So wonderful and I am soooo happy you had a postive experience with the Dr too! That is so great that he supports you in your choice of homebirth

Nicole Small said...

Awesome!!!! Congradulations!!! YAY!!! ~<:o) I am so happy for you. And your dress is gorgeous and so is Little Lenna Smiles. I can't wait to watch your pregnancy progress while I wait for that great news myself - and the homebirth! YAY!!!!! ♥ I'm not the only one I know who is going to do that now :)

b_maria_why said...

woohoo! congrats love! i'm thrilled for you--i can't wait to see baby updates. :)

Peace Love and Leener said...

Thank you everyone! We are so excited and blessed. :)

Lil Muse Lily said...

that is such happy news. congratulations to you and your family!

if you don't mind me asking, how old are you? are you considered low risk because you are under 35?

also, that is great that your obgyn backs your midwife. here in Miami, no obgyn will.
it was a fight with the insurance for me to just have a midwife. but i'm so glad that i did.

best of luck!

Peace Love and Leener said...

Lily- I am 24. It probably had some bearing on his "decision" but mainly he asked me silly questions like how big my mom's biggest baby was. How big Leena was, if there were any women that got c-sections in our family, etc. I didn't see how any of it really mattered but it just shows how little most doctors really do know about how a woman's body works. But I will do the silly puppet show if it makes me legally allowed to use a midwife. Stupid laws.

Lil Muse Lily said...

oh, that is silly. lol
i went with a midwife also. best decision ever.
best of luck!


Natalie said...

I'm a little bit behind in the blog land....
Congratulations!! :) how exciting for you! I told everyone when I was 5weeks along... I don't know how some people hide it so well! Best of luck with everything... Cannot wait to read little belly bump updates! :)