Monday, March 28, 2011

Birthday Recap

I turned 24 on the 23rd of this month. I told Joey that all I wanted to do was to go on a hike for my birthday. He obliged. :) We headed to our local state park and paid the two dollars to get in. Big spenders.
Leena's new sun hat. :)

She quite loved this tree. It was a HUGE magnolia tree. My favorite.

A butterfly stopped to say hello.

For some reason she wanted to crawl in the dirt. Maybe it's because she's a toddler?

Watching dirt slipping through her fingers.

Taking in all the lovely trees.

We were all taking turns running in front of each other...leapfrog style.

Goodness. She's adorable. And she loves her tepee shirt from Skyline Fever!

I love my girl.

Aren't they a good looking daddy/daughter combo? I think so.

Spanish moss makes my soul happy.

He was checking us out. Just seeing what we were doing in his neck of the woods. Literally.

Seriously, happy. I will miss this when we move out of the South.

Hmmm, are they peeing?

You know you are in Louisiana when....

She was happily sleepy after the hike. This little girl loves the outdoors just like mommy and daddy do.

I was in love with my birthday outfit.

Outfit details:
Hat: Le Target
Necklace: Me! :)
Shirt: Violet Bella
One of my favorite shirts EVER!
Shorts: Jeans from Goodwill that I cut
Tights: Urban Outfitters clearance. $1.99 SCORE.
The ever fancy boots: Sport Chalet I am guessing.
Joey bought them for me about 5-6 years ago.

I am seriously in love with this necklace.

After the hike we stopped by my friend Donna's because she lives right down the road and just hung out for a few minutes before we had to leave. Once we got home, Joey made me vegetarian sloppy joes. Growing up I always wanted the unvegetarian friendly version on my birthday, which I also explain in my guest post over on Pixie Mama today. :) They were AMAZING. He made the buns earlier that day then topped the sloppy joes with Gruyere cheese, sauteed onions and spinach. On the side we had good ole fashion vegetarian baked beans. He also made me this cake. OH MAN. Good. Great. Fantastic. He spoils me. We made it family movie night and ate dinner while watching a movie...which neither Joey or I can remember which one at the moment. He also got me this book that I've been wanting. It's so cute!

It was a wonderful day. I am so blessed and so perfectly happy.
Thank you to all of those who wished me a happy birthday via facebook, text, phone call or birthday card!

Peace and Love!


Violet Bella said...

what a perfectly wonderful little birthday, with the perfect little family. love you guys! looks like it really was a blessed and peaceful day. leena looks so darn cute in her skyline fever shirt and floppy hat! love! i love the photo of her resting on her daddys back, so precious. and yes, your outfit is quite the bomb! you have such cute style katelyn, seriously. and all of that food sounds ridiculously amazing! yum!

Pamplemousse1983 said...

aw what a happy birthday :) Your family is so so cute, can't wait to see it grow ;)

With Love, Jamie said...

This looks wonderful :)
I LOVE your necklace!

Kamika said...

Mmmm sloppy Joes! That was my first big pregnancy craving and my hubz thought I was nuts, he had never even heard of them. I told him he had a depraved childhood

Charlotte said...

I'm glad it was a special day. I love the photos of Joey and Leena together... they are a beautiful combo. :)

Anonymous said...

Your family is adorable. I'm glad you enjoyed it. Happy 24th year!