Sunday, January 16, 2011

New in the shop

This weekend was productive...and this weekend I was the worst wife ever......if you believe in the duties of a wife vs. the duties of a husband.
I did not clean.
My husband did.
I did sew though.

I also added some prints to the shop including this new photo:
"The Girl with Ivy in Her Hair"
"I sat to ponder for awhile.
Wonder what I was to do next.
The ivy slowly began to creep.
It tickled my toes.
It encircled my feet.
I sat and sat and sat and sat.
One day it hit me.
One day I knew.
What I was supposed to do.
I already was.
I just think perhaps I just took the phrase
'One with Nature'
A bit to far."

All of these goodies are available in the ummm, go SHOP! :)

I do have a daughter named Leena. Yes, I am aware and I have not forgotten. There will be an actual blog post about HER soon. Promise Promise. :D

Peace and Love.

Also....You need a calendar, remember that.


O Bella Naturals said...

I think Ellie was made for my Ellie <3 I love the headband! And the style of leaves you've been creating lately, so very pretty. Congrats on the new additions to your shop!!

Lil Muse Lily said...

sometimes you have to be a bad wife. ;)
i was a bad wife on saturday also. Will took Lily out all day so i could paint. it had been over 2 years. it was long overdue.

loving the new projects!