Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My goals/resolutions?

-Stay active. Stay healthy.
-Eat well. Eat regularly.
-Read. Read a lot. Read often.
-God willing. Have a healthy new baby. At home.
-Be a more proactive mother.
-Blog more.
-Be a better wife. Make more effort to show Joey just how much he means to me. Do this daily.
-Get my 3 births I need with great reviews to become a certified Doula.

There will me more. I never used to make goals except huge abstract ones. I especially never wrote them down. That is one major goal of mine. Keep inventory.

My slogan for 2011 would have to be "Keep the momentum." I'm liking the direction this year is already taking me. I am liking the person I am, always was, but never embraced. Watch out world. Katie is about to get even "weirder." ;)

My resolution?
I resolve to let go of the insane idea I have that my father will some how rise above his past and present mistakes and be a father again and grandfather to Leena. I resolve to move on. Move up. Get over it. I resolve to stop giving him any sort of power over my life especially since he is not in my life anymore. I resolve to stop feeling any sort of blame or guilt over the past with him and for Leena not knowing him. I resolve to be free. I resolve to make peace with myself.
This has been on my heart a lot lately.

Peace and Love.

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Aubrey said...

great goals for 2011!!! Wish you and yours much success in all your endevours this year. xo

angela's eyes. said...


You're starting off the new year with a strong soul. Keep it up! You've motivated me to write down my own resolutions and set goals for myself. Thanks for the inspiration!


Violet Bella said...

i love the direction your life is going this year too. i love that after your online break you really did come back with new life in you! and i adore these little animals you are making! cant wait to see more and more.

i love your resolution about your dad. i think i could come up with one similar, just on a different subject. this is good. thank you. inspiring. good goals too! love you much girl.

Kamika said...

Great goals and a powerful resolution, good for you!

O Bella Naturals said...

I love your goals. They are totally attainable. Especially the new baby at home <3 Love you mama

Meredith said...

yay for home births!! i so wanted one. maybe next time. keep us posted on your experience, i'm sure it will be amazing. fab goals!