Sunday, January 23, 2011

I really can't get over how amazing the woman body is. I mean. Take an egg and one sperm and it multiplies and transforms into a human being. You can grow a person from barely anything. I may be the only girl that also looks at having a period as some amazing, incredible system. Your body knows if your egg has been fertilized or not. If not, it sheds it. If so, it keeps it. Nutures it. Feeds it. Embraces it. Grows it.

Also, did you know. Stem cells are in your menstrual blood. The uterine lining contains them and is continually shedding them in a woman's monthly cycle.

I find myself in awe the more and more I research what a woman's body goes through and is able to do.

Peace and Love.
P.S. Yes, I know this post is random. :)

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Happy Kathy said...

I think that our body works in a magical way for everything...but I feel soooo strong pain when I have my period that I forget all the magic...xexe!!!By the way very interesting post...