Friday, January 21, 2011

The Best Worst Penpal Ever

Gah I love my penpal Meghann Street Buswell. She declared herself the worst penpal ever.

She sent the prettiest fabrics for Leena's blanket project. :)
A lovely bird collage from her friend, Aimee.
The sweetest card.
An amazing family portrait. Seriously, my favorite family photo.
Gorgeous earrings!
And this darling little music player that plays the sweetest tune. I have decided that when I am pregnant next it will be the little song I play for the baby in the womb.

Peace and Love.


Charlotte said...

I just went to Meghann's site, and fell in love. The theme from "Amelie" is the background music, and my jaw dropped... I absolutely love this theme! It used to be my ringtone. Such amazing photography too! Gosh.

Peace Love and Leener said...

I know, don't I have one of the best penpals?!

Violet Bella said...

id say she is the best! better than i, who still hasnt even bought an ink cartridge for my typewriter...

Your Street Photography said...

Awww! You blogged about me?! The worst because of how long it took me to get it to you.