Sunday, December 19, 2010

These gums are made for chewing.

I just want something to chew on. Where's the gum?!

Day one of the juice cleanse done. I am drinking my last juice of the day and it's by far the best. Pineapple and papaya. Mmmm, what a great way to end this day. I've discovered....well even more discovered that I am not one of those sophisticated people that enjoys drinking a purely "green" juice. The only thing that got me to finish it was knowing it's only once a day that I have to drink it and only for three days. I am so sick of drinking things. I barely drink during the day as it is...which I need to change but this is a HUGE step from that.

I hit a wall around 5:30pm where it took all the effort I had to keep my eyes open but by the time 6 rolled around I was ready to go and got in a workout and shower and feel great. A wee bit hungry but seriously just a wee bit. Also, the sickness feeling I had this morning is greatly diminished. Thank you juice.

Other than that today was spent sewing Leena's Christmas dress and taking care of her as she is still sick. I think tomorrow she should be feeling much better. She's not coughing uncontrollably right now in her sleep or whimpering. We are making progress. I just hope she sleeps well tonight because the last 2-3 nights have been brutal and I could really go for a full night of sleep tonight.

Photos to come of Leena's dress, you know, when she'll actually let me put it on her.

Peace and Love!

P.S. If anyone has seen my mother in law tell her we miss her. She was last seen tackling the 10 foot laundry monster that resides in my laundry room.


Violet Bella said...

you should have let james tackle that laundry monster! he would have loved it!

i dont know how i would handle just liquids all day, that is going to be so hard if i chose to do it.

cant wait to see her little dress :)

JourneyBeyondSurvival said...

I hope that Leena gets better soon. And that mil finds her way out of the laundry beast soon. Good luck with that green juice. I tried it.

Didn't get very far. :0)