Saturday, December 18, 2010

The Night Before

Starting on a three day juice cleanse tomorrow to get my liver all nice and healthy again. Making preparations tonight.
The preparations are as follows:
Making Veggie Broth

Mmmm, I'm liking this cleanse already.

"One cup of miso soup before bed with snipped sea greens on top," don't mind if I do.

My tonika tea and hawthorn berries steeping overnight with honey.

This cleanse was recommended to me by my, MY, home birth midwife. This will help get my body the healthiest it can be before we start trying to conceive. The best time to take care of your body and get into healthy routines is BEFORE you get pregnant. This time around I am taking the time to do this, not only for me, but for the next baby and for Leena. This will help regulate my mood and help me have a calm, happy pregnancy. Plus, did I mention this cleanse tells me to get a massage at least once? Yes, AT LEAST! :) I am getting a massage on Tuesday and am so excited. And the best part is I got half off of the treatment for being a new client with this girl. :)

On another note. We thought Leena was turning a corner with her cold and took her to her friend Holland's birthday party today. Mistake. She was a disaster and coughing the whole time from the cold air. Sorry other party goers if I was "that" mom who brought her sick kid to a party and got all the other kids sick. :/ She has been a wreck since we put her in the car to take her home. Right now she's sleeping in my bed, whimpering. Poor girl.

I am off to eat some pineapple since I will be on all liquids for the next three days! Going to bed early, i.e. before today is actually tomorrow.

Peace and Love.


JourneyBeyondSurvival said...

Mmmm. That veggie broth looks yummy.

Good for you taking the time to really get centered and prepared before diving in. It's important.

Plus, a massage is totally awesome. I think I need to do some sort of mandatory massage. I'll ponder...

I hope that poor Leena feels better soon.

Violet Bella said...

mmmm, this miso soup sounds yummy. good cleanse! im super happy to hear you are allowing yourself to slow down and take stock of your body before birthing again. hope leena feels better soon!!!