Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Soreness over blogged about.

This morning I woke up and my whole entire body was sore. I did the P90X ab ripper two days ago and am feeling it a LOT today. (Pretty much not even in my abs....) Mind you, my idea of a work out is either Tracy Anderson's post pregnancy work out (that broad is CRAZY) or hooping. That's about it other than just daily running around. Yeah, not so much on the ab ripper. I was fine actually doing it but if this is how my body is going to feel still two days later I may refuse to ever do it again. It was bought per Joey's request from a yard sale and was fully thinking I would never try it. Well, he won. So I did my second P90X DVD today...the stretching! I think that is the only disc I will ever fully commit to. It helped a bit with the soreness. I need to do it more often because how cool would it be to be able to wrap my leg behind my head and sew while reading a book. Or just being able to fully bend in any direction would be nice. ;)

Joey laughed at my stretching outfit. Seriously. What is wrong with it?! heh.

Yes, I wore the boots. My feet even with socks were cold.

The rest of the day was spent at the park as a family and just general hanging out. I also got a good portion of Leena's stocking done...You can spy part of it in the background of the photo. Once hers is done I have to start on mine, Joey's and if time and willpower permits, three kitties and a doggie stocking. :)

Peace and Love.


Milk No Sugar said...

I think that is a lovely stretching outfit :)
Love your blog

Lil Muse Lily said...

i like your stretching outfit! ;)
i need to start stretching again also. i've been slacking off the balance ball...

angela's eyes. said...

LOVE the new banner and background ♥ I really need to get crackin' on mine!

I'm so proud you're doing P90X. I'm an avid exerciser and let me tell you, no matter how you feel today, you're gonna feel like a million bucks in a couple weeks. Keep up the good work girlfriend!


Violet Bella said...

i agree with angela. i thought i was going to die the first week of tracy anderson's videos... and now i look forward to it b/c i know how good its gonna feel. and let me tell you, in the month ive been doing, me and james have noticed a HUGE difference in my body and i couldnt be happier. im so motivated to work out. and its actually motivated me even more to hoop as well b/c i feel stronger and more capable, and full of energy. so keep with it, even if it hurts, the pain goes away!!! unless you only do it once a week, then you will just keep hurting yourself b/c youve given your body enough time to go back to normal. you can do it! even if you dont finish the whole video everytime, do it until you cant do it anymore. you WILL feel the results soon, promise!

can you tell ive turned into a workout junkie? i never knew i could love it! and you know me, i never did ANYTHING!

Peace Love and Leener said...

The Tracy Anderson videos I am good with. I can get through it and feel great....there's something about the ab ripper though that doesn't feel right to me. I expect soreness but this is day three post Ab ripper and my body just still hurts all over. Not just muscles. Bones and joints. I may just stick to the Tracy Anderson and hooping. The P90x I don't think works for my body minus the stretching video. This is not normal post work out hurt for me. Joey just talked me into the ab ripper because it was only 15 minutes long.

Bird in a Tree Creations said...

I am a new follower of yours! Don't know how I found you but glad I did! Love your pictures!
Peace, Love and Light