Tuesday, December 7, 2010

My mood needs some serious regulating. One minute I am dancing on rainbows with unicorns and the next I am a thread, pulled as tight as it can before it snaps. So the happy metaphor may be a little extreme but you get the point. Leena and I are both on edge. Leena has molars coming in and doesn't want to listen really at all. I am recovering from being very overwhelmed and under normal circumstances not listening drives me batty....so now it's ten fold. Unlike I thought, even on a "staycation" I'm not magically better yet. I wish it worked that way. My body is depleted and I need to be more diligent about getting my vitamin levels back up and eating right. I haven't been too bad the last two days and it's helped a bit. My other problem is that I avoid going outside. I love being outside and I avoid it lately. (If I start to "sparkle" I may run head first into traffic. ;)) The sun is your friend. As long as you are smart about it.

Leena and I went to the post office today to send out most of what is on our list of stuff to ship out. i.e. Christmas cards....part of them, client CD, a bill and an herbal remedy for a friend. There is still more but I have to space out my trips to the post office for Leena's sanity. A man said to Leena and I as we walked up to the door that "I don't know what you two are so dressed up for but you both sure are pretty." It's Tuesday, that's reason enough for me to "dress up". I thought that was sweet. We then played outside and I ventured out of my comfort zone and hooped in the front yard, not the back where I normally hide and hooped by myself. :) It felt amazing.

Hi shameless self photography…I don't think we've met before. ;)

After a failed attempt at a nap and a bit of editing I started work on Leena's new stocking. I am liking how it's turning out so far. For dinner I decided after Leena requested soup that it was the perfect day for a rustic soup. Meaning, let's throw in whatever veggies I grab. Some veggie stock, carrots, onion, potato, cabbage, seasonings and miso later, we have yummy yummy soup! Leena actually asked for a second helping and especially loved the cabbage. She lifted up her shirt and said, "Momma, it's in my belly! My belly is happy happy."

Leena's favorite book lately has been "Harold and the Purple Crayon." My sister bought it for her because it was her favorite book that she'd always pick out to read when we'd go to the library growing up. I read it to her, gave her kisses and tucked her in and then went to switch the laundry over. When I came back in she told me that she "dropped off to sleep." Just like Harold.

Tonight we did experience a scary night terror I believe. After putting Leena to bed and an hour and a half or so later she cried out loudly so I went to go check on her because I was expecting her to have pooped in her bed...yes too much information but she'd been having problems in that area all day if you know what I mean. No poop, I was thinking then she needed to throw up because she was acting as if she needed to. I took her to the bathroom and that is when she started to freak out. She walked into the dining room and was screaming/crying/babbling. Walking in circles around the dining room table, into the living room, around into the dining room again and ventured into the kitchen and down the hall. Walking in circles. Crying. Screaming. Incoherent babble. Eyes glazed over and unrecognizing of this woman watching over her. Finally she stopped. Stopped in her tracks in the living room and peed all over herself and the floor. MASSIVE amounts. Then she simply looked up at me and said, "All done." I cleaned her up and asked her if she was ready to go back to bed. She said yes and I told her to grab her bunny. She sat just outside the living room threshold with her bunny watching me clean up the pee and being happy go lucky. A complete switch from moments before. When I asked her what happened she looked at me like I was insane. She simply answered, "I drop off to sleep" and continued making jokes and smiling with me. We went back to her room. She crawled back into bed and I tucked her in again and all was better. Like it never happened. I gave her some cinnamon apple tea before bed. She is slightly allergic to it, i.e. red irritation on the skin where it touches. I think this allergen right before bed, which she's never had right before bed, triggered the night terror. I am probably wrong...but that is my theory for now. We'll see if it happens again.

Joey just walked through the door from being offshore and he is a hairy beast. Movember is officially over for him. Say goodbye mustache! You are no longer welcome.

Time for bed!
Peace and Love.

P.S. Sorry for any spelling or grammatical errors in this. I didn't proofread and the shower and bed is calling my name.


Violet Bella said...

these things take time. dont put pressure on yourself to feel better over night. you most likely will just stress yourself out more. im so glad you got the balls to hoop in the front yard, i still cant. we are silly girls huh? leena looks so adorable in that headband, i love that she wears it. and that must have been your new vintage sweater with those bloomers??? cute! that is crazy about leena's acting out. it does sound like some sort of night terror. i hope it was the only one! im glad joey is home! he can help you clean, put him to work! ha ha. enjoy your time!!!!

Lil Muse Lily said...

Joey is NOT a hairy beast compared to my husband lately. mustache and full on beard. Lily doesn't even want to kiss him! lol

Leena's nightmare scare sounds intense. you are probably right, it may be the tea.

as always, i love your pics.