Saturday, December 4, 2010

In the next month

I plan to:
1. Reconnect with my daughter.
2. Get back to being the mom I know I can be.
3. Stop eating out so much.
4. Sew: stockings, Leena's Christmas dress, pajama pants, etc.
5. Hoop.
6. Take photos, for my self, for my soul.
7. Clean house.
8. Enjoy time with my mother in law.
9. Go on a date or two with my husband.
10. Cleanse my liver. ;)
11. Set up my sewing area.
12. Paint Leena's big girl bed.
13. Decorate for Christmas and enjoy New Years!
14. Get back on track with eating right.
15. Take Leena out and about more.
16. Have the tv on very little.
17. Read.
18. Take photos on film.
19. Not cry from stress.
20. Finish my 2011 Calendar for my etsy shop.
21. Finish my "wreath" for my door.
22. Laugh.
23. Stay off of facebook.
24. Stretch.
25. Practice violin.

This is my way of saying. I am taking a "staycation" and not focusing on anything outside my own home this month. I am losing what I've worked so hard at regaining the last year and I hate myself for it. I will blog. I will answer emails. But I will not worry about pleasing everyone. I will be me and focus on what is right in front of me, my family.

Peace and Love.


Poor Pitiful Pearl said...

The computer is a terrible thief of time. Good for you.
:) I wont nag you either. hahaha.
Have a nice home-vacation.

Rachael Rose said...

Good for you mamma! balance and happiness is key. Hope all is well... Isn't list making the best?? They help so much to plan and organize thoughts and dreams/ideas. The other day I was looking through posts on your blog and all of your pictures are so beautiful! your daughter is adorable! She will LOVE looking at this blog when she gets older! I love all of your cute clothes from ppp and violet bella.... Whenever i get more money I am for sure going to get something from them... Anyways I just wanted to stop by and leave some love.

PS I just recently got into hooping and it is ADDICTING. I am in love.... I have such gnarly bruises all over my legs but its all good! Have you watched videos of lisa lottie?? Im going to write a post on it too and maybe share a video of me hooping with the daycare kids if i can figure out how to load that on here...

Peace love light happiness <3
& Happy Holidaze! :)

-Rachael Rose

Rachael Rose said...

OH! Almost forgot the main point for leaving you a comment. I LOVE your blog layout and the christmas picture!!!! How did you make it look like you and your daughter were little fairies and flying?? too cute<3

Lil Muse Lily said...

sounds like a good productive month you got ahead of you. i have a few of those things on my list as well.

Violet Bella said...

katelyn, im so happy you are doing this. its actually inspiring me to step back and take stock of my own crazy life. i need that reminder too. this will be such a healing time for you. and prepare you better for the year ahead since you are planning another little one. will miss chatting with you though!!!! love you!

O Bella Naturals said...

Just wanted to encourage you mama. You're awesome at everything you do, sometimes life gets away from us and it's nice to get back to what it's supposed to be about. TV and the computer are terrible time wasters! I hate how much time they take out of my day. Good for you. I'll be chatting with you soon!