Monday, October 18, 2010


Three things.

The pumpkin bandit strikes again…

I made a fabric pumpkin that the only bandits that can get it are watched closely in the house.
There will be a fabric pumpkin army.

And lastly, whatever happened to carving pumpkins to enjoy family time?
A dremel specifically for pumpkins?

That is all for now.

Peace and Love!


Violet Bella said...

hey some peeps like to get extra crafty on their pumpkins... or maybe some peeps just take it way to seriously ;)

ooo, i want to see the pumpkin army!

Katy said...

Your blog is A-FREAKIN-DORABLE!!!! Now a follower!

I love your handmade pumpkin! So cute!

Peace Love and Leener said...

Thank you Katy! :)