Sunday, October 17, 2010

Pictures Pictures :)

Thought I would post a quick blog with some photos for you all. I've been crazy busy with actual work let alone mothering and taking care of my own sick body. I haven't posted so many days worth of photos. There are still a ton more queued to be edited for all you lovely people. :)

I made pumpkin pancakes and they were so good Leena couldn't wait to eat them at the table like a civilized human being so instead we hovered over the counter eating them with our hands as I finished cooking the rest of them.

We shared a "cake in a mug" the other night while watching Charlie and the chocolate factory. She loved it. Both the cake and the movie. ;)

One of our favorite things to do lately has been to go outside and play as the sun sets. The light is so lovely and there just seems to be a calm that falls over the earth in those moments. It feels like if we didn't live as close to a freeway as we do we'd be able to hear the sun say goodnight. I love that in autumn the sun sets early enough to enjoy it with Leena before her bed time.
She brought all her friends with her to play.

And fed them leaves.

They waited patiently for their yummy food à la Leena.
I love chalk covered feet. We are taking advantage of the time left that we have to run around outside barefoot before winter comes.

Hello perfect wind swept hair and light. I love you sunsets.

Still a ton more photos from when we went ceramic painting and to the pumpkin patch. I'll be back tomorrow with more! Now it's time to work!

Peace and Love.


Violet Bella said...

yay, i missed seeing new posts from you. but i know how busy you are right now! i love the black and white one with her hand, so precious. you take the BEST child portraits i have ever seen. i love your style so much. leena just looks bigger every time you post. its crazy to watch. love you girls.

Family of Movers said...

Love the photos!!!!