Monday, October 25, 2010


Oh gosh, I am so overwhelmed by all of the lovely comments in the last post. You all are amazing. Thank you. :)

Here are some photos of Leena from last week when we were soaking up the sunset while Leena was wearing her new dress mommy made. :)
She runs….a lot.

Every time we go outside she has to play with her pumpkins.

And carry them around.

She lined them all up this way. :)

She looks forward to feeding the "notsosureifheisastray" cat that I have named Garfunkel every day. He/She comes around EVERY day. I'm not sure of the sex. I thought it'd be rude to ask. (10 points to the person who guesses what movie that last sentence is from.)

I feel like I haven't blogged anything "deep" lately. I don't know. Sorry if just photos of the kid and captions are boring you. She's cute…so that helps. ;) I've been pretty busy lately with lots of side projects…and sitting on my butt. :P I guest blogged over at Poor Pitiful Pearl today for her blog party for reaching 2000 sales in her etsy shop! Go stop by and tell her how much she rocks! or click the link embedded above! :)

Peace and Love.

P.S. I am taking applications for a maid. (I wish) Anyone interested? ;)

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