Saturday, October 2, 2010

Breast Cancer Walk Day!

Did I ever mention it is NOT a good practice to "dismiss" your phone alarm and think, "I'll get up in a few seconds" when you have somewhere uber important to be in an hour? I learned this the hard way this morning. Come 6:30am my alarm went off and I did this exact thing this morning. Come 7:45am I am being woken up by a 2 1/2 year old singing "mooooooommma" in my ear. I grabbed my phone thinking it had only been a few minutes and read "7:45." Crap. I jumped out of bed so fast and ran down to get my clothes out of the dryer finding they were still semi damp and gave Leena the dry parts of her clothes telling her to put them on fast! I quickly got dressed, grabbed little miss some cereal and an apple and water for her to take with us (forgetting any food or water for me). Freaked out a bit. Shoved everything in the car and drove off to the walk site. Luckily it is only about 2 minutes away from me. Did I mention registration was from 7-8? Yeah. Thank goodness for me and the LOUD, non-nonchalant wagon I was pulling as I walked up they had still not started the walk and people were milling about and chatting still while they were doing the opening ceremony. Plus it helped that others were still flowing in and registering at that time beside just me. Okay, so freak out over and we start the walk. Mile one down. About 1/8 into mile two BAM my wagon wheels got stuck and turned sideways on a crack turning a corner. Down went the wagon on it's front of everyone.....with Leena still in it. Leena and the ground personally met and she was NOT happy with the introduction. I think she was more scared than anything but she does have a tiny bit of swelling around her eye. I carried her a bit to calm her down and comfort her and then coaxed her back into the wagon because my back was starting to get sore. (Acupuncture run coming soon me thinks.) Anywho. Come mile two we stopped for a potty break and as Leena and I were waiting for our group to come back from the port o potties Leena decided she wanted to walk. So off we go....slowly. Then slowly turned to wandering and then wandering turned into momma telling Leena she needs to get back into the wagon which then leads to a 2 year old melt down and the chaser car asking me if I needed a ride. Nope, don't mind me, just dealing with a 2 year old. NOTHING TO SEE HERE! ;) She finally settled down after being given the option of getting in the car and going home or finishing the walk. It was pretty peaceful after that except for trying to avoid every crack in the road like the plague. I caught back up with Donna and the whole group around mile 4 and finished it off. I am proud. Last year come midway mile 3 I was exhausted and so over the walk so we took shortcuts, this year I finished the whole thing, pulling a wagon in non supportive shoes and I feel so good. My body has that slight achy but good achy feeling after a good work out. I am not miserable now and I was not miserable at any point during the walk. 5 miles down. $235 towards cancer research. It was, as Martha Stewart would say, "A good thing." ;) Thank you to all those who donated! All of you walkers and volunteers at the walk were amazing. I think they gave some of the volunteers that were in charge of cheering us on a double shot expresso that morning. They were quite chipper to say the least. All of the survivors at the walk, you are incredible and incredibly strong. Don't ever doubt it!
And again, always remember, never ever ever wear shoes like this style to walk 5 miles in.
Peace and Love.This is for you Annette and Rachel. <3


Violet Bella said...

you are so silly, you wore you blue babydolls to walk in? crazy girl! glad leena is okay. sweet little girl. im proud of you too! i prob would have sissied out! go katelyn!

Peace Love and Leener said...

haha yeah....I was literally RUNNING out the door like a mad woman. They were next to the door. I would've had to dig in the closet for supportive shoes to wear. I didn't even think of it till i got there.