Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Winner and Pretties.

Hey everybody. Thank you to those who entered the business card giveaway sponsored by Uprinting. Leena and I just wanted to do a quick video to pick the winner. Yesterday was a busy day and I was out of town for most of it so sorry it didn't happen yesterday! Any who, here's the little video!

Congrats Maryam/Pamplemousse! Hope this helps your business! I will email you with all the information!

I need need need to do a quick shout out about my new Firedaughter sweatshirt! It's so soft and wonderful! Samya from Firedaughter uses Alternative Earth shirts and sweatshirts for her clothing. It's organic and lovely! She also uses water-based, non toxic ink and silkscreens all her shirts by hand. HER hands! I asked her if she would make me a custom hoop inspired shirt. She's like uber mega hottie runner who understands it's not just about working out, it's about finding her peace and time to think, reflect and sooth her soul.
(Told you, she's uber mega hottie.)
I love this shirt but if I run the only thing going through my mind is how I feel like I am dying and my throat burning and my body aching. Hooping is my time of absolute peace, time to think, reflect and definitely my soul soothing time. I asked her to make me a "Hoop Baby Hoop" shirt instead since I think her shirts were lovely. Samya is hilarious, down to earth and passionate about what she does. Three qualities that are important for me in a person. She was more than happy to help me have the perfect Firedaughter shirt. Go visit her shop! Here.
I just want to wear it all day, if it wasn't still in the 80/90's.

Laura and James came to visit for a few days and we had fun. Yesterday we spent the day in New Orleans eating basically. ;) Oysters on the half shell for me, po boys for them, beignets and coffee all around. We also saw the prettiest boy that tap danced with with crushed coke cans. He was wonderful. I made Laura and James this "tent" (really just a ring canopy I made) to sleep under on the couch bed. I am going to move it to my room once Joey gets a hook in place for it. I am in love with it. I hope it made them feel a bit more at home.
Sorry just a quick cell phone photo. I need to charge me camera batteries.
They headed home today. It's their anniversary! Go over to Laura's blog and read all about their relationship and wish them a happy anniversary!

This was from the day they got here. Leena and I had lunch before they arrived at our house. Leena was being silly as per usual.

Peace and Love.

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Pamplemousse1983 said...

Yay! So glad, I've been eyeing their square format cards ;)

The ring canopy turned out grrrreat, you need to do a tutorial ;)

And that last picture of Leena is ridiculously cute <3