Thursday, September 30, 2010


I thought up a project about beauty mid year last year while I was going through one of the biggest struggles of my life with my weight and finding myself beautiful. Luckily I have had one of the biggest supports during this time, my husband, a man, telling me the whole time I am beautiful. His eyes are open to real beauty in this world. He loves every roll, every "imperfection" and every wrinkle. He doesn't find my saggy, "mom" belly, that I have so lovingly named Charpie (as in the dog), hideous like I did for so long. I am not 100% comfortable with it but I don't loathe it anymore. When I look down at it now I smile remembering that it once held Leena's life, so comfortable and so perfectly. A woman's body is one of the strongest things on earth. We can create life and even for those bodies that can't create life, we can mother, we can support, we can make a difference in every woman we meet.

As a man, it is doubly important to not have any expectations as to what the outward appearance of a woman should look like. You have been fed a huge dose of non reality growing up in the world we live in. Bombarded with visions of the "perfect women", perfectly groomed, perfectly fit, perfectly perfect in every way. Real life is messy and that is what is perfect. So men, do women a favor and accept them completely and for who they are. We are all beautiful, inside and out.

So my rambling aside, I wanted to introduce my project that will probably be ongoing for the remainder of my life.

I am accepting submissions for the beautiful women in your life to share on my page. Please email me a photo of this woman and a short description of what makes her truly, naturally beautiful to you. katelyndemidowphotography (at) yahoo (dot) com.

Peace and love!


strange.girl said...

As you already know I’m struggling a lot with the things you’ve wrote here. Trying to love myself is probably the hardest thing right now, because the things I’ve done too my body physically is far from loving. But you are right, are imperfections are what make us beautiful, and that sounds cheesy of me to say, but it’s the truth. And I hope to one day overcome all this, and I know I will, I have too. It’s crazy how my mind drives me sometime. It’s my worst enemy. Anyways this post was refreshing to me, (:

Nicole said...

Great post :O) I feel you.