Saturday, August 14, 2010

Family Day

What happens when you send your husband to Lowe's to pick you up some staples so you can finish reupholstering your dining room chairs? Well he comes back with staples....and flowers. So we planted the flowers today in our front yard. It was nice to be outside before it got blazing hot and sticky.

Leena brought her bunny.
They are inseparable.
She was so excited about family day in the yard.
And, you can't keep her away from the hose. :)
Daddy was teaching her how to transplant the flowers and instead, Leena picked flowers off the other bushes.
Then got dirty.
And checked out our soil.
Then daddy told her it was time to water the flowers they just planted.
So she watered the strawberry plants instead.

And filled up the empty pot...that had holes in the bottom.

Then the busy little bee decided the pile of rocks looked like more fun.
The girl loves rocks.

Then she came back to oversee what daddy was doing.
And sprayed more water into her pot.
And had daddy help her water the flowers.
Oh wait, more dirt.
Then it was time for Leena to help mommy plant the other two flowers.
But really she just watched.
And watched.
And left.
Then we washed our hands.
And played in the hose.

Then she insisted bunny got wet.
And well, the camera missed it but bunny got soaked.
Then it was time for a leisurely swing.
(Someone's nap time is coming up!)
And daddy always knows just how to make her giggle.

Then she showed the bunny Brownie who really wanted to come outside.

Hi, Magnolia Tree. Hi, Grandpa.
Then Joey tried to hide.
And Leena took a little breather.
And kicked off her boots.

Relaxed with daddy.
Then helped him pick the yellow leaves off our fig tree.
Then we made the rounds back inside.
Where Leena decided she wanted to go for a ride.
And shove bunny into small places.

This folks, this is what a broken neck looks like.
Then she did a quick chalk drawing and headed back inside. Where we had lunch and then went down for a nap.
Where she made herself comfortable. In the hall.

And she slept HARD.

We recently have become the parents of five healthy painted lady caterpillars.
They've spun silk-like web all over the bottom of the container to help themselves get around the jar.
They have all they need in this jar until they form into chrysalides. Then we will transfer them into the pop up pavilion that came with them and emerge as beautiful butterflies. Leena and I check them every day. She loves them all.
And look, a company after my own heart! Environmentally friendly packing peanuts. :)
Check them out guys.

Peace and Love.


kristen said...

she had to sleep in the hall because you took her mattress away... haha

Violet Bella said...

okay, no i seriously miss that little girl. she is so cute carrying around that bunny. so glad joey is home. what a wonderful family day, love it. great pics, as always! love your details.

and the caterpillars look so fun! i can bet leena loves them!

ha ha, love her passed out in the hall.