Sunday, July 11, 2010

Some Days...

You just need to play with a hose. :)

I think this is my favorite. Such a mischievous face.

Don't ask why he is running around in the backyard with only boxers on. I don't know.

Leena cried pretty much the rest of the day for lord knows what reason so this was our happy time. :)

These might go in the etsy shop:

Don't forget, you have one more day to enter the giveaway.

Peace and Love

1 comment:

Violet Bella said...

i love these so much! and i was so thinking, is that joey in his underwear, lol, and then i read your comment, too funny! im glad leena had fun in the hose, but sorry she cried so much too.

you should put those in the shop, they are great!

ill see you 4 days!!!