Wednesday, May 26, 2010

What's on the Agenda?

Leena and I are back from California. What a whirlwind, hectic trip. I have been editing and uploading photos from the many photo shoots I had while out there, including Hannah and Matt's wedding! Go check out my fanpage if you are interested! I came home to some wonderful surprises that Joey did for me while I was gone. First I pulled up into the driveway to see some flowers planted in our dirt patch in front. Then he showed me the ceiling fan he put up in our room, which was clean also! It's love. Then I was instructed to open the fridge for the last surprise and found a plate of chocolate covered strawberries. Oh how he spoils me.
I have a ton planned for the next few weeks.
-My review on Maggie's Pureland Soapnut products!
-Getting my permanent crown so I will no longer have my pimptastic gold tooth.
-Getting my hair dyed red and I mean RED!
-Mirena is coming out next week!
-Getting my fabrics and shirts shipped out to Poor Pitiful Pearl to have her do magic with them!
-Signing up for this "summer camp."
-Bake and ship cookies!
-Draw something fun for Maryam, one of my two penpals.
-Plan my trip to Bandera to see Laura!
-Get Acupunture.
-And editing....lots and lots of editing!

There is more for that to do list I just can't think straight right now!

I hope tomorrow brings a better tempered two year old and a much more patience mommy. Oh and a REAL blog post would be great too. ;)

Peace and Love.


Violet Bella said...

oh you are taking summer camp??? i want to so bad, i loved style school! but i feel like i cant do camp since i did style school. plus i only did like 5 of the 50 projects! eeek! it looks like a lot of fun though!

time to start planning your trip! excited!!!

cant wait to see the red!!!

O Bella Naturals said...

I'm so glad you made it home safely, your trip sounded (and looked) like it was fun and very busy! I've been going through your pictures, they are AMAZING. Your photography skills are just incredible, I love everything you captured. I want to comment on every picture :) And what a nice way to come home! I bet you missed him :)
Your upcoming plans sound like a lot of fun, lucky duck you taking a trip to Texas! What fun!
Glad you're home, I missed you around here!