Tuesday, April 13, 2010

How to torture a two year old.

Today was not the emotional two year old melt down day I was bracing myself for when I went to bed last night. Leena let me sleep in till about 9:30 and then quietly played with a bowl of mixed goodies she gathered off my desk. Well more like sneaked them but as long as they were safe I didn't mind. She woke up and searched for Auntie Kimmy and called out for her a few times throughout the day. She was so happy to talk to her on the phone and then to see her on skype. We watched the Princess and the Frog and she actually got a bit "frightened" at some parts. I think she was just trying to get more attention is all. ;)
When daddy got home he made us yummy dinner and then we broke out the new playdoh.

Oh the wonder of playdoh. Why is it that no matter your age you can always find enjoyment out of playdoh? Leena practically was fighting daddy for any piece he was playing with and vice versa. This was an excellent gift indeed, Jenny.

I'd like to take a moment to introduce the most hilarious surprise gift ever. Hilarious for me....Leena is not so fond of it.
Oh how I love that "marmalade" color in the background.
Did you notice what the hood says? Peace and love. Damn skippy. My friend Jenny said she saw this shortly after I started this blog and couldn't resist. I am in love and will be torturing....I mean oh so lovingly doing another photoshoot of Leena wearing it. Today was not that day.

As for myself.
Well I am kicking my butt back into gear. I have been so lazy when it comes to my photography. My heart hasn't been in it and that in itself is depressing. So here I go embarking once again on doing self portraits and just regular model shoots in general a lot more often. I think I shall give my friend Jessica a call and ask if she would like to model for me again and soon! Here's some photos from my shoot I did today. None like the photo I had in my head but I love them anyways.

Peace and Love to you all!


penny threads. said...

i really enjoy seeing your photography. you are so unconventional and in a refreshing way! the concepts and the costumes...the makeup...the settings...the stage...LOVE it all! i really wished you did more but that's sooooo selfish to say. *blush* i can't imagine finding the time to do as much as you do, let alone with a little Leena running 'round. but every time you do pop up some more photos i WILL DEFINITELY be looking!
that lil' peace and love bit on leena is adorable. can't wait to see what you shoot with that as well...when she's feelin' it too. lol! much love girlie! hope your evening is swell. ciao.

Violet Bella said...

poor leena being tortured with peace and love, lol! so funny. cant wait to see some more pics with that outfit!

i am so happy you are getting back into your photography, it may just inspire me a bit too. i love the ones you just did! great way to get back into it!

and omg do i love playdoh. i love the way it smells. i love the way it feels. mmmmmm. and the occasional lick :)