Wednesday, April 14, 2010


So since today wasn't awkward enough now I am going to blog about it. ;)

I had my girlie check up today and took Leena with me. She was having a blast running around the room while I waited to get checked. Then was nosey when we actually were doing the check up and wanted to see what was going on. I don't know what your definition of awkward may be but that was it for me.

She decided this was the perfect time to change her shoes. The girl has style, what can I say!

She is infatuated with herself. I mean if you were this cute wouldn't you be too?

It was a no nap day. This was about 5 minutes into the car ride home.

She cat napped for about 30 seconds before she heard daddy's voice.

I also wanted to share the adorableness that is Violet Bella meets Penny Threads. Those girls are amazing. I am so blessed to have them in my life and can't wait to meet them, for realz. (I couldn't resist the z.)
I love my peace sign earrings and cream puff ring. If you haven't seen either of their stores you should! They are insanely talented women. Rock on you two!
Earrings by Violet Bella: Shop here!
Next thing I am eyeing to buy in her shop would be the "Marmalade Retro Owl Necklace." Oh how I adore it.
Ring by Penny Threads: Shop here!
Next on my list to save for is her lovely "When it Rains...leaf" painting if it is not sold by the time I have the extra mulah.
Anywho, that's pretty much all that happened today besides a failed attempt to go to Goodwill after dinner to find that they close super early. Now Mulan is calling my name so I am going to watch with Joey. (That is what is on the tv in the photos above of me.)

Enjoy your Wednesday night everyone!

Peace and love and all that jazz.


kristen said...

lets get down to business. To defeat, the Huns.

we are men, you must be swift as the coursing river....

Violet Bella said...

yes, i think Violet Bella and Pennythreads make a good team. And just so you know, we have some secret plans up our sleeves :) again, i am so glad you love your earrings! they are so you.

i love the way leena is curled up on the couch, so cute!

and yeah, i might say that would be awkward :)