Sunday, March 7, 2010

A Day of Food

Happy Sunday! Today was filled with a lot of running around and not in the errand running sort of way. We played a rousing game of "Where's Momma?" I would tell her to go count to two with daddy as I would hide. Then I'd yell from where ever I was at "Where's Momma?" and Leena would come running to look for me. Her favorite part was when I would jump out and "scare" her. She'd giggle hysterically then run away wanting me to chase her and tickle her. It was a blast. Daddy joined in and then it was just a riot to her.

We have a prodigy cat in our household.

He actually sits on the bench and "plays" the piano. Too funny.

Our day was filled with super yummy food. For Lunch we had hummas that I made with rosemary infused olive oil. YUM!
Spread over some homemade Naan bread and topped with sprouts and spinach. Double YUM!

Joey made Garlic Shrimp tonight for dinner with curry powder. He spoils me.

While Joey made dinner Leena and I baked a cake. That girl loves to help with baking and cooking.
Ignore the fact that it's a boxed cake. haha

We put applesauce in the cake instead of the oil it called for.

She also enjoys eating it just as much, if not more! ;)

Hope you enjoyed the last day of the weekend!
Peace and Love.


penny threads. said...

your daughter is just lovely and adorable and all things nice! and i want some of that garlic shrimp. i will email you my address so you can send it on over. :P

Peace Love and Leener said...

Well no left overs to send but I can send the recipe. ;)

LINDSAY said...

Looks like a super yummy day!

O Bella Naturals said...

Looks like a super nice dinner and dessert! Yummy! Especially the hummus, I have been wanting to make some lately! Leena is so cute that she loves to bake with you :)

Peace Love and Leener said...

It was definitely a super yummy day. I am so happy Leena loves to bake with me. It is one of my favorite things to do. :)