Monday, February 22, 2010

Daffodils, Kumquats and an adorable girl, OH MY!

Yesterday I found it to be a very peaceful day. I set up the clothesline and Leena and I just hung out. After her nap we decided to walk to the store, actually WALK, for our last package of diapers! I haven't walked to the store in ages. It's sad how much I depend on a car now. We have switched over to cloth diapering. I am loving it but I do not have ones that will last though the night without leaking yet. Soon enough I shall receive them in the mail, but with that said, I had to break down and buy another pack of night time diapers. Leena enjoyed getting out in the sun and the light breeze.

Leena was so excited to be outside, thank you for some warm weather finally, so we ran around for a bit when getting back home. Picking kumquats and flowers, feeling the breeze and listening to the birdies. We even made a little bouquet of daffodils for Ms. Leena's room. Oh my how wonderful her room smelled this morning when getting her! Normally I am quite the winter girl, but this winter can't end soon enough for me. Time to get outside and run around!

I love watching my little bug exploring our beautiful world.
Sorry about the quality of this photo, it was taken on my phone. :)

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