Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Color Relations

There's this strong connection I have with colors.
As it shows in my clothing, I feel so at home cloaked in color.
Basking in a kaleidoscope.

The couple years Joey and I lived in an apartment, with bare white walls, it nearly drove me insane.
Crawling under my skin was a bug to paint so greatly.
When we moved into our house we lived with tan/brown walls for a bit before I started covering the house in colors.
But along with the colors I chose: orange, purple, blue, seafoam, green, I also chose gray.
Give me all the colors under the sun but gray soothes me as well.
Gray like the thunderstorm rolling in.
The thunderstorm that we will sit at the window and watch.

Every color, even white, has a strong impact on me.

Bathe me in a rainbow.

Peace and Love.

1 comment:

Kamika said...

Beautiful post. I can always tell how my mental health is doing by how I relate to colors. When I am well, healthy, and happy I too bathe myself in colors. When all I wear is black things arent going well. Claire has brought much color to my world