Saturday, February 18, 2012

Happy list

Now is the time I need to sit back and make a list of all the things that make me happy lately.
Yesterday was an extremely hard day here.
Among other things, we had found our kitty boy, Bonzai, dead on the side of our house.
So, here is a list of things that bring happy into my life lately.
1. We took Leena to a parade yesterday at my friend Rebecca's kid's school for Mardi Gras, even if I don't exactly agree with Mardi Gras, it was lovely to see Leena willingly and unprompted, sharing her goodies that she got in the parade with the little girl that was sitting next to her and my friend's son.
2. Penelope's giggle.
3. Going to bed with my husband next to me, my baby on my chest and my big girl, who generally crawls into our bed in the middle of the night, every night.
4. Leena's love for puzzles lately. We will need to get her some more 100 piece puzzles so we stop doing the same two we have about 20 times each day. :D
5. Seeing progress with our homeschooling when we were starting to doubt our teaching abilities. Leena asked how to write Bonzai yesterday and when I spelled it out for her, she did this.
6. The new puppy girl we are going to be adopting hopefully Monday. Funny, this was decided on before the whole Bonzai fiasco. A beagle schnauzer mix. Which Joey has started calling a Sneagle. Yes, he thought about that all day. He calls Brownie, our poodle terrier, a toodle or a perrier. He loves making up names. Good thing it's not a bulldog and a shitzu mix. (Dumb and Dumber reference anyone?)
7. I started my series of photos I am putting together for an exhibition I plan to put together towards the end of the year for "The Emancipation of Artemis." I know the woman that runs the organization from facebook and let me tell you, she's an amazing gal!
These aren't the photos for the exhibition but here's a sneak peek from the shoot I did for it yesterday.
8. Starting a belly dancing class in March with a wonderful friend of mine teaching it.
9. The love and amazingness floating around in the 30 days Mind and Body group.
10. A facebook friend becoming pregnant after I believe trying for over 7 years! She had started doing a fundraiser to get money to start IVF and what do you know, she and her husband got pregnant on their own! So wonderful.

Just a few for now.
Peace and love.


Brit said...

lovin' this list. :)

Violet Bella said...

those photos are just sooooo stunning. i cant wait to see the rest! you are such an amazing photographer katelyn!