Sunday, January 15, 2012

Body Image

For a while after I had Leena I struggled tremendously with my body image.
I had put on weight from unhealthy eating habits, i.e. eating almost every day at Burger King when I worked there for over a year.
Then, on top of that, I never worked out.
When I decided enough was enough I really changed my life with eating right, becoming a pecsetarian and working out.
I don't want to work out to be super thin.
I want to work out to be healthy.
Actually, if I lost my curves (my hips and butt) I might actually be really sad.
I didn't focus on my weight number but more on how my clothes fit and how I felt in my own skin.
Before I got pregnant with Penelope I definitely did not have societies view of a perfect body, but it was damn near perfect for me.
Even with my "mommy belly" I was rocking.
Even with a husband constantly telling me I was beautiful and he didn't see a problem with my body, I had to learn to accept myself first.
So, I've decided that if I share my story here it will motivate me to get my eating habits back to what they were and to move more.
Also, I know how annoying it is to see women one week post baby looking thinner than ever.
This is to let all you mommas know, you are not alone.
You all get to see me in a bikini for a while.

Here's me when I really started to work on myself post Leena.

This is me about 4 weeks pregnant with Penelope.

Me now, 4/5 weeks post partum.
The first thing on my body agenda besides eating right, closing my diastasis!
Next week I'll try to be back with another bikini photo because I know you are just dying to see me again almost naked...
Also, today I ate:
Breakfast: A 2 egg omelet with spring greens, a bit of cheese and some homemade pico on top.
Lunch: A gardenburger with a slice of swiss and mustard, a spring green salad with Joey's homemade oil and vinegar dressing, 1/2 an avocado and 1/2 a tomato
Snack: A box of raisins
Dinner: A slice of a corn/bean tortilla casserole, about 1/2 cup of brown rice spanish rice
I need some fruit in there.
Perhaps I'll make myself a smoothie before bed.
I'm really trying hard to make sure I don't limit myself because of breastfeeding.
I am also making sure not to stuff myself but to stop eating once I don't feel hungry anymore.
I have to make sure to have lots of healthy snacks on hand.
Before Penelope I would eat smaller amounts throughout the day and that really made me feel great. Right now I'm just in adjustment mode and forget to eat till Joey puts something in front of me mainly.

Now I may go crawl under a rock.
Or better yet, do my work out for day three of my post natal program.

Peace and Love.

OH but I feel pretty good about myself...fully clothed!
Despite what my face may suggest. ;)


bonfire of my vanity said...

beautiful. i love this post so much i want to hug it.

{b.strenth♥} said...

Your absolutely beautiful inside & OUT!
I don't remember you looking that close tip me after Leena. You've made me feel better, hope that doesn't come out wrong. Just makes me feel not alone :) I just love your strength and courage!
You rock!!!!!!

Hit My Dreamy Eyes said...

You are beautiful!You motivate me. Thank you!

AmelieSkippingStones said...

i think this is the first comment I have left on your blog! you are seriously the bravest person. i can't even begin to imagine taking photos like that of myself let alone sharing them with the world. it makes me sad that i feel this way, but it's true. we just don't see enough "real" almost-naked bodies in our day-to-day lives. you being brave makes me feel like maybe i can be a bit more brave. <3 thank you for this.

Rachael TreeTalker said...

You are seriously so beautiful and such an inspiration!