Saturday, December 31, 2011


I started a photo blog of my 2011 in review but blogger is having issues with letting me upload at the moment so hopefully that will be up tomorrow.

Normally I never make "resolutions" but this year I find myself having the overwhelming urge to.
My resolutions are:
1. Practice yoga more.
2. Get back into hooping.
3. De-clutter our house. Simplify.
4. Make more art. Move my soul art. Not worry about if anyone else likes it.
5. Take more photos of my family.
6. Find myself even deeper rooted in my spirituality.
7. Emulate the duck.
8. Get off the computer I am typing this...on the computer.
9. Get back to being healthier through my eating habits and exercise.
10. Be the best mom I know how to be for my daughters.
11. Be the best wife I know how to be.

I hope you all have a safe and fun new years!
We'll be here, at home, having fun with my mother in law and grandmother in law.
Which means I should make sure Joey goes to pick them up from the airport in a few minutes.

Peace and Love.

And don't drink and drive.
Or, like a friend of mine on facebook said, "I'll punch you directly in the face."

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Vero said...

muchas felicidades y bendiciones a tu familia!que bella es Penelope,y vos que valiente!yo tengo 3 partos en hospitales,buenas experiencias,siempre quise parto en agua pero temia si algo no salia bien,en fin toda la felicidad,amor y paz en sus vidas!