Wednesday, August 31, 2011

25 weeks

Last week I asked my husband to take some photos of me for week my bikini.
I think I've only worn a bikini once in my life, not pregnant, in front of people.
So if you ever wondered what a 25 week pregnant woman, who is 4'11" and has a tilted uterus that gave up on trying to hold itself up instead of OUT through her split abdominal muscles looks you go.
I am strong as a tree, nothing can blow me down.
Seriously, you should've seen how many attempts it took just to get my leg to my knee, let alone trying to get it above my knee, without falling over. Note to self. Don't do yoga poses like this with slippery legs.
And don't tell me I need a tan, I'm anti tanning. :P
I have confidence, hear me roar. :D
These were all taken on this camera:
Pretty awesome right?

Peace and Love!


Violet Bella said...

the photos came out amazing! especially on that little cute camera :) and you look GREAT! i love these!

Charlotte said...

I love the picture of you floating (third from the top)! It should be in a magazine. I can't float with my normal self, how could you pregnant...!?