Sunday, July 31, 2011

This Journey

I have moments lately of "OH DEAR LORD, I'M GOING TO BE A MOMMY TO TWO!"
It still hasn't fully hit me but when it does it hits me in all different ways.
I am getting more comfortable, even though slightly in shock, with being a mom of two.
I am not worried anymore that Leena will feel replaced or jealous. I know there will be moments but mainly, I know, she is taking this journey with me and will come out the other side as an amazing big sister.
She cuddles my belly and tells the baby she loves him or her.
She kisses on my belly and says goodnight to the baby.
I still wonder how I will do taking on this new role.
With all the preparations we are making as a family I know it will be a beautiful transition, even if there are difficult moments.
From the day we found out we were having Leena till today we've been constantly growing.
Constantly learning.
Constantly improving overall.
We are definitely not perfect but we are never staying stagnant in our parenting methods.
This baby.
This life.
This birth.
This soul.
It's all going to be an adventure.
One I can't wait to embark on.

Peace and Love.

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Violet Bella said...

this has been such an exciting journey to watch. you have already given so much love and thought to this little one before its even here, it is just going to be magnified once it is. it is going to be grand!