Monday, April 18, 2011

Leena is Three!

My little girl is three. Where did the last three years go?! She is such a firecracker and I love the little girl she is growing up to be. She definitely has her own ideas but a tender heart at the same time. Yesterday at a birthday party for her friend there was a little girl at the top of the big inflatable slide that didn't want to go down, just wanted to sit up there, so Leena climbed up just to sit with her so she wasn't alone. That made me smile when Joey told me that. For her birthday party I had this grand idea of an Indian, or for political correctness sake, Native American, party. Joey made a tipi but then my sewing machine went on the fritz and I couldn't sew a proper cover for the frame. (Which by the way affected me making Leena's blanket! I have it all laid out for what I have so far but with no working machine to sew it it's waiting for now. It will get done! I promise!) So he rigged it up and it still looks pretty neat for now. I made some bunting for the patio and Joey put up the chalkboard wall around the bottom of our screened in portion. Pregnancy took over and I just got too tired to go all out like I planned for the party but Leena didn't care either way. She had friends over and that was enough for her! Oh and cake of course. We made headdresses for the kids that wanted one but never got around to the dream catchers. Those were a bit too time consuming for the party.
Joey also made AMAZING wraps with hummus and homemade guac among other things. And I ate A LOT let my tell you. Baby junebug is huuuuuungry. ;) Our menu was wraps, pasta salad, lil cutie oranges, deviled eggs, squirrel mix (my own creation that Leena named) and pirates booty.
Now time for pictures!

Making headdresses.

Leena started bowing to everyone once she had her headdress on.
Kyllian is adorable.
Baby. :)
Have I mentioned before I love his hair?
I didn't decide till the night before what kind of cake I was going to make. I got this idea from a lady at the farmer's market. Little raw cupcakes made out of cacao and nuts. SO GOOD.
Time to sing!
How does a kid get chocolate ALL over their face with one itty bitty bite-2 bite cupcake?
He's such a silly kid.
Present time!
Her little Indian girl doll. I got it here.
Her little peg people doll house. I got it here.
Relaxing after the party. Watching her new movie, Snow White and playing with her doll house.

We all had a good day. :)

Peace and Love.

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brandistrenth said...

Leena is a beautiful little girl inside & out, you should be so proud! (I know you are!) How sweet is she for doing that at the party, I know that made you warm inside ;) we had fun at the party & I'm in love with the raw cupcakes, eating one as I type, even better a week later, haha. My grandma wants the recipe :)

Our babies are three! What to do?! :/