Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Today is a sick day for little miss. She woke up last night starting to get a squeaky voice and I just knew it was going to be a sick day today. We gave her some echinacea/goldenroot and tea. She wanted to sleep in our bed after she woke up last night which we are fine with normally but with being pregnant now I am a bit more weary. I knew going back to bed in her bed wasn't going to happen last night so we decided to let her snuggle up as normal between us. I just had to be more diligent about facing away from her so her sicky face wasn't breathing in mine all night. There has been lots of movie watching today and little eating on her part. Her body is doing what it needs to heal. She is snuggled up in a blanket on the floor right now watching Ponyo as I make veggie soup for us to eat and catch up on laundry.

My mother in law is determined to get Joey and I on a regular schedule with laundry. Every time she has visited us in this house she has spent most of her time organizing our laundry room! We have not had NO laundry to do whatsoever since we have moved into this house. In fact, until Joey's mom was here this last time there were still trash bags of clothes we had yet to open from moving, 2 years ago. I am a woman on a mission to get the laundry room finally clean and put together as a lovely little room fit for productivity. I would love to have one-two days per week where I do laundry and can get them folded and put away within those days using the clothesline when weather permits, which soon will be every overly hot summer day here.

I tend to do laundry, then it sits on the couch for days as we pick through it to find what to wear. I am terrible at folding and putting the laundry away.

Before the new baby gets here, God help me, we will be on a laundry schedule. This is ridiculous.

Wish me luck.

Peace and Love.

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brandistrenth said...

Good Luck! :)
It's hard, but once you get a schedule, it comes naturally!