Tuesday, March 1, 2011

On Self Acceptance of the Body

I feel like I'm living a lie most of the times. I tell other girls they should accept themselves no matter what.
No matter what size.
No matter what shape.
No matter what supposed flaw they think they have.
Yet my worst fear, the thing I am most terrified of? Picking Leena up and having it accidentally lift my shirt up for the world to see my belly.
I am constantly on edge about this when we go out in public.

We are used to seeing celebrities with "perfect," tinie tiny bodies only 6 weeks after having a baby. We are used to the photoshop perfect that is displayed all over magazines and cable. We are used to the "perfect" that a personal trainer pushing you to work out like a mad woman, away from precious time with your baby and a ton of money could buy.

The reality of it is, most of us still have signs of carrying our baby for nine months. Are we expected to have bodies as tight as Janice Dickinson's face?

Even for those women who haven't had a child, are they expected to be trim, fit and "perfect?"

And who's the authority on what is trim and fit?

My point is, I think as a whole, the society of non celebrity status mommies and non mommies, that we just don't have all the time in the world to dedicate to working out and some of us, GASP like having curves.

I'm all for working out to be healthy. It is good for your body, not only physically on the outside but mainly for your health on the inside. But we shouldn't have to feel like we need to hide in a cave when we aren't in "tip top" shape.

Take care of your body and accept myself.
That is my task at hand among another million things in a day.

And we need to be brave and see more women shapes in the world. We are so used to ideals, dreamt up by some half baked man I'm assuming, that we find anything other than that unacceptable to see in our world.

I can't put this blog out there if I don't practice what I preach.
I am accepting my belly.

I am a mom.
And I am proud of my belly dang it!

Peace and Love


Holli said...

Katie, I think you are amazing! You're daughter is so lucky to have such a "grouded" mom like you! Love the added touch of pics...not one, but two! You rock.

sunlite705 said...

We should all live by your example. I agree too much emphasis on what we look like on the outside and worry how we "appear" to others. YOU hit it right on the nose...it is what is on the inside of us that makes us who we are and we need to look at others from the inside first.

I am so proud of you and you are right we say the right words to others but do we really live like what we say?

I love your blog and glad I found you!

b_maria_why said...

you are a hot mama! i'm so proud of you <3

pangaloon said...

I have just been thinking about how unhappy I am with myself. I saw ou post and nearly cryed. You are such a warrior spirit, having the balls to take pictures of yourself, and posting it to insire others. Your acceptance is exactly what I should be doing for myself.
I have had 2 girls, and have a saggy tum. I feel dread when I know I have to buy new clothes, it is terrible. Thanks for giving us all a kick up the proverbial ( so to speak) You are AMAZING xxx

HollieCook said...

I totally know how you feel. I, too, worry about my belly since having baby number two. Until recently, Ive told people that I except the changes to my body because its brought two people into the world. But, inside, I am constantly wishing I had the body I had before I had them. I dont know if I would be so brave to post a pic of my post baby belly. But so you know, it made, atleast, one girl feel better and not so alone. And its women like you, that young women and new mothers need as someone to look to, not fake, photoshopped women on tv or in magazines. Girls and women need to know, that having children make us beautiful and give us a worth thats unmeasurable. It is not to be cheapened by insults from media as to what we "should" look like. But this is all easily said. I still continue to wrestle with this and what I see in the mirror.

Polly said...

I've been thinking the same things lately. After 3 girls, my tummy, while not fat isn't what it was before. A little saggy and strech marked - I'm constantly terrified of my top riding up!!!!

I'm glad to know that I'm not alone in feeling like this.

Amanda said...

I'm so glad you did this! You're fucking awesome. Plain and simple. I've been considering unveiling my mommy bod on my blog in the hopes that other people would want to and feel empowered by it. I think I may still. But I'm just glad I found somebody with the courage to do it as well! Again, you rock.

Moonchild Mama said...

Rock on, momma! ;D

Kamika said...

YOU ARE SO AWESOME!!!!!!! Thank you for opening up and sharing your beautiful self with all of us.

With Love, Jamie said...

I loved this!

Charlotte said...

Huzzah! Good for you. And good for us as well, to have such an awesome example of walking the walk, not just talking the talk.

bein good to me said...

Whether you know it or not you are extremely inspirational, thank you for sharing your honest thoughts and photos with us!

xoxo said...

Great post. Your daughter is gorgeous and so are you :)

Natalie said...

Well done! You have Bravery, courage and honesty that I envy!

Natalie xx

Diane Costanza said...

You are my hero!


Now that would be telling... said...

you are awesome! I love your blog. I am way into restyling, eating vegetarian, and body acceptance. Having a baby is awesome, the effects to my body-less awesome. But I am working on losing the extra pounds.

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