Sunday, February 27, 2011

Facebook and such.

I originally started my facebook for close friends and family. Now I feel like people just find me annoying with what I post or my ideals. I've always been afraid to say what I think and I am coming out of that shell. I shouldn't be afraid to post something because I am not comfortable showing my true self to someone on my friends list. My blog mainly has given me a great outlet for these thoughts and well, it should be, it's my blog.

I've always found it odd when people I haven't spoken to for years or even all the much while we were in high school together, every single day, request to be my friend on facebook. Is it like a preemptive class reunion? Are they just trying to see what has become of me? Did I become a hobo? Did I go to med school? Am I in a loony bin? Am I making less money than them? Did I become a *gasp stay at home mom and CHOOSE to not even go to college?

I love, well more like LOVED facebook. Too much so actually. It gave me that grasp into the outside world. It became my addiction to have those relationships albeit relationships that for the most part, mean nothing to my core being. I read too much into text on a screen and people, I included, tend to stir the pot because they are sitting comfortably in their chair safe from any real repercussion.

I really can't go one conversation with my husband while he's offshore without mentioning something that was posted on facebook. That's just so lame to me. I should be filling those phone calls I have with a love story. An incredible love story between my husband and I. Adding to our strong foundation. Adding more rooms to our love nest.

I am a bleeding heart. If I see someone I don't even know on a "friend's" page being nasty or mean, I will speak up. I don't think this is a bad thing BUT I can't do it anymore on facebook. People are generally too callus if they have that keyboard in front of them and someone disagrees with their comment or post. I get involved. I think it is okay for someone to get involved even if they don't know either person or group of people at all. I hope more kids would speak up to the bully picking on someone in school, on the street, in line. I just need to stop having those situations arise EVERYDAY, and multiples times a day usually!
I need to walk away.
I need to clean out my circle of people around me.
I need less drama and more REAL.
Selfish? Not at all. I need this for my family.

I am not anti facebook at all. I'm anti fake relationship. If someone does delete you from facebook really take a step back and see if that facebook connection really has ANY impact on your life.

On that note as well. I love my blog readers. I do. Please don't take it personally if I don't accept a friend request on facebook. My blog is a great place for us to build relationships. I just have a hard time keeping up with all the people posting everyday on facebook. It's overwhelming for me. I promise I'm not being snooty. :D

I think that is enough rambling for tonight. And I really hope this is coherent.

Peace and Love!
I think Leena has enjoyed this day with her Auntie and Uncle.
This is post night terror however.


Violet Bella said...

i agree with you on this one. although for the most part, i just dont respond. sometimes i find myself typing something, and then i usually just delete it b/c i DONT want the stupid drama on facebook. words are always taken wrong when typed and not spoken. what ive done, b/c i use facebook as business promo and i dont want to delete everyone, is use the feed option button and just remove seeing certain peoples daily posts. so if you want to see anything they update, you have to actually go to their page, and not have it in your face everyday. its wonderful! i think this is a good choice for you. and walking away from conversations does not make you a coward for not speaking up. i listened to a speaker on a video the other day who summed it up so nicely, you can either choose to be right or kind in any situation. we tend to want to be right, especially about things that are important to us... but, sometimes in pursing the arguement, we are not being kind, and that is more important. i loved this. so true, to me at least. im glad leena is enjoying the company! and we are sad we missed you at the yard sale too, but i have a feeling it would have been overwhelming for both of us, with so much going on. at least you already got a huge bag of clothes for free!!!! woo hoo!

nina beana said...

i HEAR you on this one. still trying to figure out the whole facebook thing myself and where i want it to fit into my life. thank you for your words.

Pam said...

I have so many highschool people on my facebook, I just go through periodically and delete them all. lol

Peace Love and Leener said...

I get that Laura for sure! I don't have the following you do for my etsy or anything so to me, keeping only the people on facebook that I have relationships with was easy for me. It definitely is a great tool for advertisement and businesses.
I can't wait to see you two soon though!

Thank you all for your lovely comments. <3

brandistrenth said...

Katelyn, I have grown to love and appreciate you and your green/hippie/loving self :) I'm not used to it, so at first I was taken back and maybe intimidated :/ but you are the sweetest, kindest person and I am so lucky to call you my friend shad I do miss you! If people are offended by you or find it annoying, screw them! ;) I personally love reading your blogs and posts, I may sometimes may not have a clue what your talking about, but I love that :) I believe we all find things on facebook that drive us crazy and we just want to step in, I find myself erasing things I'd like to say ask the time to not have the drama! Just continue being your lovely self that we ask love <3 & feel free too tell me as you please!

O Bella Naturals said...

I have to say, I really dislike facebook, though I'm still on it. The main reason I dislike it is because of how it affects relationships. I feel like it enables people to keep friends at an arms reach without actually caring, calling or connecting in a real life way. I mainly keep it to keep in touch with family, and of course, my online friends like you! It has its ups and downs. I can definitely relate. I have had family unfriend me because of my views on things.... it's really quite ridiculous. So I got out of the habit of updating my status, so people wouldn't know what I'm doing, they actually have to call me, and just mainly use it as a picture-sharing website. I've found that's best for me. <3 to you, I love your views :)

bein good to me said...

Right on! I've been contemplating the value of Facebook in my life for the past few months and have been thinking about deleting some of the 300+ "friends" of mine, some of which I haven't seen or spoken to in person in over 10 years. It's also a privacy issue for me--I'm not sure I want just anyone that I've ever been even an acquaintance with know about where I work and what I do on a daily basis.
Reading another person's perspective on this was helpful, so that you for sharing!

Poor Pitiful Pearl said...

love these pics...

Poor Pitiful Pearl said...

I use facebook for PPP only... Sometimes I will comment on others comments or pics if it pops up on my screen and I like something... but so many people on my fb are not even people I know.. so i keep it business like and dont post pics of myself and family really even.. its worked for me.

I do however. delete people here and there if they write something I find offensive or put yucky pics up.. i just delete em...

dont let fb get you down.. not worth it..