Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Meet Mortimer

Meet Mortimer. He's a little rough around the edges but that is his charm.
He likes to sit in the window light and watch the rain.

Don't mind his teeth. He never got around to getting braces but he likes the character they give him.
He's learning to play the piano and can successfully play "Mary had a Little Lamb."

He does get distracted easily so it's been a hard battle keeping up with learning the piano.

But he is sticking to it and proving anyone who doubted him wrong.

When he's not playing piano he would love to go on long walks. His skinny little legs get very tired very quickly however.

He takes naps whenever, where ever.

But he's found that the best part of his life has been when an adorable two year old saw him and instantly fell in love with him.

She quickly snatched him up.

And carried him around everywhere.

And even gave him a little taste, just to make sure he wasn't a snack.

Peace and Love.


Hannah Edwards said...

Super cute post Katie :)

MGS Fotografie said...

I love this! You should make a children's book based on Mortimer's life <3

Violet Bella said...

i love Mortimer! Not only does he do all of these things, he is not afraid of his feminine side, that is for sure! He is adorable. I think Mortimer needs lots and lots of friends, hint hint!

Glad Leena approved!

O Bella Naturals said...

Awww he looks like he will be well loved. What a couple little thing, love all your pictures of him :)