Saturday, February 27, 2010

Tea anyone?

Today after Leena's nap we played "Pimp my tent" as my friend Kina would say. I want to hang up lights in it but I am really happy with it so far. I plan on keeping it up for a few days to enjoy. It is quite relaxing to lounge in. I might read my book in there tomorrow during Leena's nap. The theme for Leena's second birthday is going to be pinwheels so I used some of the pinwheels we already have made to hang in the tent.

After dinner I set up a tea and dessert party in the tent.

Leena running to the table in excitement.

She actually insisted on wearing the boots. ;)

She was seeing if there was anymore juice in mommy's cup for her to have.

She was having a blast. :)

Mom, really? Put that camera away.

Enjoying an oatmeal cookie.

Her teaset.

My flower arrangement for the table.

We promptly followed "tea" time with a bath. She was sticky!

Trying to lay down in the bath tub.

Asking for milk. (Yes, even while in the bath she asks.)

Washing herself off. She's such a big girl!

She sniffed bubbles up her nose. Knowing her, this will NOT teach her to not do it again. ;)

Asking to brush her teeth.

Look at those eyes! What a doll.

Psh, I am so over the camera.

Not much explanation to all these photos. Just some cuteness for you all to enjoy! Till tomorrow! Have a wonderful night!
Peace and Love.

P.S. Leena is in this stage now. Watch.


penny threads. said...

oh my! she's just adorable. asking for milk while in the! her face looks se serious too. love the flower arrangement, cute!

Peace Love and Leener said...

Thanks! I don't see the appeal of drinking milk in a warm bath but apparently to her it sounded like a good idea. haha